How to Iron Hama Beads

Hama beads are small tubular beads, offered in a variety of colours and arranged into imaginative designs. Using a Hama pegboard, the beads can be arranged any way you like. Creating Hama bead designs is a common craft activity for young children, as it allows them to develop their hand-eye coordination and enhance their concentration levels. Once the beads are arranged in the desired pattern, an iron is used to apply heat and fuse the beads together--creating a singular, solid art piece that can be put on display.

Place the Hama beads on the pegboard in the desired pattern. The Hama bead kits often come with booklets containing design templates.

Plug the iron in to warm it up. Use a low to medium temperature setting.

Place the Hama bead ironing paper or tracing paper (or any wax paper) on top of the beads on the pegboard. The ironing paper acts as a barrier between the Hama beads and the iron--if the beads were ironed directly, they would melt and stick to the iron.

Iron over the ironing paper, using slow, soft movements. Do not allow the iron to sit idly on one spot. As you iron, the pattern will show very clearly through the wax paper; when the whole pattern is visible, you are done ironing.

Turn off the iron and allow the Hama beads to cool for five minutes before removing the wax paper. Once the beads cool, you can remove the whole design as one piece from the pegboard.

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