How to Hang a Sconce Beside Pictures

candle wall decoration on a tan wall image by David Smith from

Sconces hung on either side of a picture give beautiful added decor. It's also very economical in that you have a sconce and a candle for each one. The candles add beautiful scents to your room as well. The sconces come in many styles, and most anyone can afford them. Match them to the style of your piece of art.

When you light the sconces, you also illuminate the art.

Measure from the left side of the picture, 10 inches out from the frame, about five inches from the top of the picture. Mark that spot with a pencil. Then from the right side of the picture, measure the same and mark the spot. This will make the sconces even on each side of the picture.

Use a hammer and put a nail in the wall on the pencil mark on either side of the picture. Hang the sconces on the nails. Straighten them so they both hang the same.

Put scented candles in the candle holders of the sconces. Light the candle and enjoy the mood it creates as it lights up the artwork.