How to Fix Net Curtains

Repairing net curtains seems challenging. You have to fix a hole in fabric that is almost nothing but holes. Repair net curtains by creating new "bars" on a base of organdie fabric. Use a sewing machine with a zigzag stitch, then cut away the excess fabric with small sharp scissors. Follow the pattern of the net to fix any type of net curtain.

Cut a circle of organdie 3 inches wider than the area that needs repair, using scissors. Try to match the organdie to the colour of your net curtains.

Pin or baste the organdie circle to the back side of the net curtain. Center the area that needs repair.

Set your sewing machine on a zigzag stitch slightly wider than the "bars" in the netting you need to replace. Set the stitch length very small. You may need to sew a few samples on scraps of organdie to get the proper settings.

Sew along the remaining net, starting at the end of the organdie circle, until you reach the hole. Follow the pattern of the net.

Stitch across the hole and along the pattern of the curtain to the other side of the organdie circle. The extra 1 1/2 inch of stitching holds the new bar in place.

Stitch in this way until all the missing "bars" are replaced. Follow the pattern of the remaining netting.

Cut away the excess organdie with small, sharp scissors.

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