How to remove bubbles from wallpaper

wallpaper image by Wendy Lea Morgan from

Bubbles form under wallpaper when air is trapped between the wallpaper and the wall, usually during installation. Bubbles will cause the wallpaper to look unattractive and worn and may cause the adhesive on the wallpaper to loosen over time. You do not have to remove the wallpaper get rid of bubbles. Instead, remove the wallpaper bubbles one at a time.

Fill a syringe that is made for glue with wallpaper adhesive.

Cut a small slit into the wallpaper bubble using a razor blade. The slit should only be big enough to fit the tip of the syringe in it.

Squirt a small amount of adhesive into the slit. For larger air bubbles, you will need to use more adhesive.

Flatten the bubble by rolling a seam roller over it.

Wipe off any adhesive that leaks out of the slit with a damp paper towel.

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