How to Replace Bosch Drill Brushes

Bosch manufactures a variety of power drills, both corded and cordless. Both types of drills have an electric motor that uses brushes and a commutator on the motor's armature. These brushes can wear out over time and need to be replaced. Bosch positioned the brushes so that they are easily accessible without having to remove the entire motor housing.

Remove the battery or unplug the power cable from the power outlet.

Insert a flathead screwdriver just beneath the brush cover on the right side near the rear edge of the drill motor housing, and pop out the brush cover.

Insert the screwdriver into the red notch of the carbon brushes. Lift the brushes out of the motor housing, noting the direction that the brushes are facing so that you can put in the replacement brushes in the same way.

Insert a clean cloth into the brush holder openings to clean them in preparation for the new brushes.

Insert the new brushes into the openings. Replace the brush cover.

Run the motor with no load for two minutes to burn in the brushes.

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