How to Change Bathroom Taps

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Whether you want to replace your bathroom water taps because they have begun to leak and can't be repaired, or you want to make a cosmetic change in the bathroom decor, changing the bathroom water taps is not an out-of-reach project for the homeowner. In fact, the entire process of replacing the water taps can be accomplished successfully by the do-it-yourself novice in about an hour-and-a-half. All materials and tools are easily available at a local home improvement store.

Turn off the water supply to the bathroom taps. Open each tap to relieve any residual pressure.

Loosen the water supply line on the water tap. If the area of the water supply connection is too limited for using the slip-joint pliers, use a basin wrench to accomplish this step.

Remove the water supply line from the water tap.

Remove the retaining nut from the water tap. If the tap rotates while you are removing the retainer and you cannot reach it to hold it in place, wrap a towel around the water tap between the tap and the basin. This will allow you to remove the retainer without any further water tap rotation problems.

Remove the old water tap.

Clean the area where the new water tap will be seated.

Place the new water tap into the basin and install the new retaining nut finger-tight only.

Position the new water tap where you intend it to flow and tighten retaining nut.

Inspect the seal on the water supply line and replace the seal if it is deformed.

Install the water supply line on the new bathroom tap.

Restore water supply pressure and leak-check.

Repeat the removal and installation process for the other bathroom water tap.

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