How to make extra money on Christmas crafts

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For craft enthusiasts seeking to make extra money during the Christmas season, selling Christmas-themed crafts is an option. There are three outlets where you can sell your crafts without having to possess prior knowledge of business operations.

Sell your homemade Christmas crafts online, in consignment shops and at craft fairs to make extra money this Christmas.

Choose a craft. Having a particular type of product that you specialise in will establish your expertise. Ornaments, hand-painted wood carvings, knitted crafts and home made wreaths are some Christmas-themed crafts to consider.

Set up an online shop. is a website that allows users to sell handmade crafts and set up an entire online store. The auction site eBay will allow you to set a minimum price on your crafts, and customers will have to place a bid to buy them. An online shop will allow you to sell your Christmas crafts internationally.

Register for a booth at least one local craft fair. Craft fairs bring together a variety of sellers under one roof and attract hundreds of potential customers. Selling your Christmas crafts at a craft show increases your chances of word-of-mouth business as you will get the chance to talk with customers face-to-face. Have a stack of your business cards available for customers to take with them.

Check your local area for shops that will sell your crafts on consignment. While the shop that consigns your wares will take a cut of the profits, consigning eliminates your need to develop a customer base of your own. When you drop off the crafts you plan to consign, make sure you leave a stack of your business cards as well. This way customers have your contact information and can reach you if they want to purchase a custom order.