How to prepare a personal statement as a teacher's assistant

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A teacher's assistant is generally employed by schools, private educational centres and childcare centres as an aide to a classroom teacher. A teacher's assistant's duties can vary throughout the day, commonly working one-on-one with students, reviewing homework, instructing in small groups and occasionally helping prepare lesson plans. Preparing a personal statement for a teacher's assistant is similar in structure to most other personal statement letters but will be tailored to the position.

Introduce yourself in the first paragraph of the personal statement. This should include your name and a brief sentence or two about the teaching assistant position you are seeking and why.

Mention any relevant and related experience or education and state how many months or years you have been involved in each. This can be anything from volunteer work in the community to experience you have working with children specifically. Briefly elaborate on any leadership or supportive roles you have held.

Express your desire for working with children in a positive environment and why you see this as an important aspect of childrens' schooling and lives.

State your capabilities in receiving and acting on instruction in order to perform duties while maintaining an ability to be flexible and take initiative if needed. The classroom is a highly flexible environment in that plans can change at any time and an ability to respond to these circumstances is necessary.

Write about your ability to relate to children and express confidence in taking responsibility for the well-being and safety of the students. Teacher's assistants often have to take on a supervisory role and therefore must be able to respond to behaviour problems and issues that come up in the classroom.

Finish by briefly restating your desire for the position and reasons behind applying. Thank the employer for her time and be sure to include contact information either at the top of the page or below the letter.

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