How to Add Decorative Trim to Curtains

Sincerity Anna

Curtains add style and flair to any room in your home. Curtains provide shade and privacy when they are closed, and let the sun shine in when they are pulled back. All curtains are made of fabric, and most have simple hemmed edges. You can apply a decorative lace trim to the edges of your curtains for added beauty.

Choose a lace that matches the colours of your curtains. Lace is available in many widths, designs and colours. Purchase several yards so that you'll have enough. Lace is available at all fabric stores, craft stores and department stores.

Lay your curtain face down in front of you, on a large work surface. Begin at the top left corner of the curtain. With the lace face down, insert a common pin through the edge of the lace where it will be attached, down through the curtain and back up out. The pin will go down and in and then be pushed back up and out. Making sure that the lace edge and the curtain edge are overlapped 1/4 inch and straight, continue to do this down the side of the curtain.

Use scissors to cut the lace 1/2 inch past the bottom edge of the curtain. When you start that bottom edge, fold up the 1/2 inch left hanging from the side, then fold over the end edge of the bottom run of lace and secure it on top of the folded side edge using a common pin. Pin the lace along the bottom edge of the curtain in the same way you did the first side. When you finish pinning the bottom edge cut the lace, leave the 1/2 inch and repeat the steps for folding and securing the corner. Work your way up the last side. Leave the 1/2 inch at the top of the last side and fold it back down before inserting the last pin.

Stitch the side edges using a sewing machine or a needle and matching coloured thread. Make sure that the stitch is penetrating both the edge of the lace and the edge of the fabric. Stitch twice for added strength and durability.

Remove all of the common pins carefully. Make sure not to miss any, and always double check. Turn the curtain over so that both the fabric and the lace are face up. Inspect the curtain. If it is acceptable, hang it back up using the same curtain rod it was on. Enjoy the fresh new look that a simple decorative lace edging can create. Repeat these steps for all of the curtains in your home, using a different lace for each unique room.

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