How to Connect to the Internet From a BT Router

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BT routers are branded BT Home Hubs. BT is a major provider of broadband Internet in the United Kingdom and, in fact, resells its service to many other providers. BT provides Internet download speeds over its copper lines at up to 20MB. If you use Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet in the United Kingdom it is very likely running on BT's copper phone lines, even if your provider is someone else. BT will provide you with a Home Hub router when you sign up for one of their BT Internet packages and connecting to the Internet can done be in minutes.

Connect the supplied filters to every telephone jack in your home. The filter goes inline between the jack and the telephone device like a phone or fax machine. Connect the supplied dual filter to the jack that you will use for the DSL. Connect a supplied phone cable between one port on the dual filter and the Home Hub.

Connect the supplied Ethernet cable between the Ethernet port on your computer and the Home Hub. Insert the included compact disc in the computer disk drive and follow the prompts as the set-up program runs. Enter the account details, such as your user ID and password as you are prompted.

Remove the CD on completion of the set-up and launch a web browser. You should connect to the Internet.

Perform a power cycle if you have problems connecting. Simply shut down the router and computer and then turn them on again. Make a telephone call to see if your phone line is working if you can't connect to the Internet. Verify the connections and filters are all connected.

Run the diagnostic tool that installed on your computer along with the BT software. Look for a desktop icon or a program in the Program list called "BT Broadband Desktop Help." Run the diagnostic tool to check your set-up.

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