How to Change an Orange Router Password

Orange routers are known throughout European regions as a wireless solution that goes hand in hand with Orange Broadband's high-speed Internet service. These routers are very user-friendly and not only work with wireless Internet networks, but also printer networks as well. If you have an Orange router and would like to add or change a password to make it more secure, the process for doing so is simple.

Open an Internet browser window and type "" into the address bar. Then press "Enter". A box will pop up.

Type "admin" (all lower case) in the box where it says "Password". The Administrator settings page will load.

Select "Security" from the left side of the page. In the "Password" settings area, enter your current password (if you have one) and then your new password twice in the appropriate text boxes. Then press "OK" to set the password. You can now close the settings window. The next time you connect to the Internet using the wireless router, you will be prompted to enter the password.

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