How to Clean Bosch Ovens

If you use your oven regularly, clean it once a month to avoid making this notoriously tough job even harder. Bosch ovens are equipped with a self-cleaning feature to make this task easier to complete.

Though the oven must be wiped out and the racks washed separately, the self-cleaning cycle turns any baked-on debris into ash.

Fill a bucket or sink with hot water and a moderate amount of dish soap.

Remove the racks from the cool oven and put them in the sink. Wash them thoroughly to remove any food or grease. Rinse and dry them with a towel. Set the racks aside.

Clean out the inside of the oven with a soapy cloth. Wipe the inside of the door, window and frame while avoiding the gasket. Wipe away spills and discard any debris or foil from the bottom of the oven. Rinse well with clean water.

Open the windows or turn on a fan to ventilate the kitchen area. The self-cleaning feature burns away debris at a high temperature which usually causes smoking.

Close the oven and turn the setting to self-clean. Allow the cycle to run for three hours, which is the preset cleaning time for Bosch ovens.

Open the oven when the cleaning cycle has finished and the oven is cool. Wipe out any ash with a damp cloth. Replace the clean racks and close the oven door.