How to Make Homemade Things for a Teen Room for Girls

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When children are young, their parents seem to make a lot of decisions for them, from what they wear to school to what they eat for dinner. As children grow, however, some strive for more independence and decision-making responsibilities. One area where teenagers like to show their independence is in their bedrooms, where they can make things truly their own. Crafts such as tie-dying and making collages can help a teenage girl express her individuality without spending a lot of money.

Lay white sheets flat out in front of you. Lightly grasp one area of the sheet and pull it away from the floor gently. Tie this section apart from the others with a rubber band; continue to move across the surface, creating circles of varying sizes.

Mix 1 cup of sodium carbonate or soda ash into a gallon of warm water. Soak the tied sheets in this mixture for one hour; the sodium carbonate will help the dye adhere to the sheets.

Mix 4 teaspoons of dye into a cup of water and stir thoroughly. Pour this mixture into a plastic squirt bottle. Repeat for all of the colours you want to use on the sheets. Find dye for a tie-dye project at arts and crafts supply stores or Internet retailers.

Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Drip colours in varying patterns across the tied sheets. Remember, the more dye you use, the darker the colour will be.

Allow the sheets to rest for at least two hours; make sure the sheets stay damp for this time. Certain tie-dye kits may suggest longer rest time; follow those instructions if available.

Wash your sheets alone in the washing machine. Wash once in cold water to rinse away any excess dye, and then again in hot water to seal the dye into the fabric. Dry the sheets in a dryer for better dye setting.

Choose an object or area from the room to decorate. You can decorate objects like notebooks, or tissue boxes, or huge pieces of cardboard to cover an entire wall.

Go through digital photographs or physical photographs with the teen girl. Have her select some of her favourite photos or areas of photos. You can also use pictures of her favourite singers, actors, or other images from magazines.

Use scissors to cut the pictures into a variety of shapes and sizes. For digital photos, print the full photos or certain areas of the photos.

Apply a thin layer of craft glue to the surface of the object you want to decorate, and a thin layer to the back of each photograph, one at a time. Paste the photographs into place to create a collage of the girl's favourite people, places, and memories.

Decorate areas of the collage with markers, shapes, quotations, or other artistic pieces that the girl will enjoy. Allow all glue and decorations to dry before hanging or moving.

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