How to make blinds for a skylight

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Making your own blinds for a skylight solves the problem of sometimes unwanted light and heat . You can make full-coverage shades or blinds that draw back to allow light in during the day. You can make them simple and functional, or make them stylish, creating an unexpected accent to any room.

Measure the skylight's width and length.

Cut the fabric, allowing four additional inches on the width for the hems. Allow an additional eight inches on the length. If you're making a heavy shade to block out all light, cut two layers.

Fold the fabric over an inch and sew on the back to make a hem. Repeat this for the opposite side. If you're lining the fabric, sew along two sides with the two pieces of fabric inside out, leaving the other sides unsewn. Flip the fabric inside out.

Sew four inches down from one of the unfinished sides. Above the seam, fold the very top edge of the fabric inside about one inch. Sew a half inch from the top. This should create a pocket lengthwise for the tension rod to slide through. Repeat this for the opposite side of the fabric.

Slide the tension rods through the pockets at each end of the blinds.

Push one tension rod in and place it inside the skylight. Release the tension on the rod, so that the rod extends as far as the length of the skylight. The rod's natural tension will hold it in place.

Push the tension rod into the other side and then place it inside the other end of the skylight. Release the tension. Both rods will hold the blinds in place.