How to shrink polyester & spandex

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When you buy a new piece of clothing it can be a fun to parade your new look around. Sometimes though you may buy something that is slightly too big for your frame. Polyester and spandex, although clingy, can sometimes be a bit too big, so if you are trying to get these materials to fit just right, learn the steps to making your garment a little smaller.

Throw your garment, or garments, into the washer and wash your clothing in hot water for around 45 minutes.

Remove clothing immediately when the wash is finished, and place it into the dryer. Dry on the highest heat setting and once clothing is dry, continue drying for an additional 20 minutes.

Try your garment on to see if it has shrunk to your desired size, if it hasn't, throw it back in the wash on high heat and dry on high heat as before. Then try your shirt on again, and repeat the previous steps as necessary.

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