How to Make a Table Top Easel

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You don't have to be a professional painter to enjoy the relaxing art of painting. People of all ages can creatively channel their energies through painting. However, most don't have the space for setting up a full-size easel. A great alternative is a tabletop easel, one you can make yourself. Made from on-hand materials, this project will provide a space- and cost-efficient alternative to large, freestanding easels.

On a piece of cardboard, use a marker and ruler to draw a rectangle that is 36 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

Make a dotted line 3 inches up from the bottom edge of the drawing, extending a few inches out of the rectangle. Measure 14 inches from the bottom edge and draw another horizontal dotted line across the cardboard. Add one more dotted line 25 inches up from the bottom edge of the rectangle.

Find the marks at the 3-inch and the 14-inch levels. Draw a solid vertical line, 2 inches out from the rectangle, from both of these marks. Do this on both the right and the left length of the rectangle.

Cut out the shape from the cardboard with a utility knife. Run the blade along the solid lines only.

Create 45-degree cuts on top of each 2-inch flap sticking out on the sides. Do this by folding down the outer top corner of each flap in a dog-ear. This will make a small triangle. Unfold the dog-ear and cut along the crease with a knife.

Bend the cardboard at each of the dotted lines. The pyramid shape that is created as you bend the folds should be on top. The flat piece with the flaps should be resting on the table.

Tape the small piece of cardboard on the front of the easel to the flaps on the side with duct tape. The paper will rest on it as it lays on the diagonal surface of the easel.

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