How to Turn on Bluetooth on an HP Pavilion

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HP Pavilion computers run on the Windows operating system. The process you take to turn on Bluetooth on a HP Pavilion is the same process you would follow to turn a Bluetooth device on any Windows-based computer. Bluetooth devices can come in a variety of forms. Some Bluetooth devices are as simple as a wireless mouse or headphones. However, HP Pavilion users also can use Bluetooth connections to connect with devices like Bluetooth-enabled printers and scanners.

Plug the Bluetooth device adaptor into any USB port on the HP Pavilion.

Press and hold the "On" button on your Bluetooth device until the blue light turns on and stays lit. You may turn on some Bluetooth devices by sliding the tab on the device from the "Off" to the "On" position, instead of pressing and holding a button.

Click on the "Start" button on the Pavilion's desktop.

Click "Control Panel." A new window will open.

Click "Hardware and Sound." Then select "Bluetooth Devices." A list will appear.

Choose the Bluetooth device you want to activate from the list. Select "Add." You now have turned on a Bluetooth device on an HP Pavilion.

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