DIY: Laying Cobblestones

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Cobblestone walkways can add curb appeal to a home or building as well as boost the property's value. Cobblestone walkways can be either winding or straight and are usually composed of an eclectic assortment of stones of different shapes and sizes. With the right tools and materials, do-it-yourself cobblestone laying can be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time.

Outline the walkway with a garden hose to achieve the desired width measurements. Excavate any soil from the ground with a shovel before preparing the foundation.

Lay a 2- to 4-inch deep bed of gravel on top to create the foundation. Add in more gravel in areas that have less adequate drainage. Line up the long, straight narrow stones to form the walkway's kerbside. Wet the gravel and make it smooth with a carpenter's level.

Pour 2 to 4 inches of sand on the top of the gravel. Compact the sand with a shovel so that the grains compress together, removing any traces of air pockets.

Lay cobblestones lengthwise and flat on the gravel, periodically checking to see if the stones are level. Begin by placing the larger stones first and then follow with the smaller stones. Add pressure to each cobblestone with a rubber mallet to ensure that the stones are secure in the sand bed.

Sweep the sand in between cobblestones with a broom to help the stones secure in place. Finally, apply a sealing product in between each cobblestone to add more cohesion to the stones and to prevent weed growth.

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