How to Change the Key Fob Battery on a Rover 200

Manufactured by the MG Motor Company and engineered by Honda, Rover 200 series vehicles were produced steadily from 1984 until the company went into administration in 2005. From 1996 on, the MG Motor Company offered keyless entry fobs for their Rover 200 series vehicles. If the battery in your Rover 200 key fob has died, you can take the fob to the nearest MG Motor Company dealership to have it replaced for a fee or you can replace the battery yourself for the cost of the replacement battery. Changing the battery in your Rover 200 key fob is simple and takes only minutes.

Insert the tip of a PDA case opening tool or optical-sized flathead screwdriver into the seam on either side of your Rover 200 key fob.

Work the case opening tool around the sides of the key fob. Wiggle the case opening tool back and forth until you are able to pry off the key fob's back cover. Set the cover aside until you are ready to reassemble your Rover 200 key fob.

Remove the spent CR2032 battery from the battery compartment in your Rover 200 key fob.

Press and hold any button on your Rover 200 key fob for at least five seconds to completely discharge the capacitor.

Place a new CR2032 into the battery compartment of your key fob.

Align the back cover with the body of your key fob. Apply equal pressure to both sides of the key fob until you hear the pieces snap together.

Stand by your vehicle and press the "Unlock" button on your Rover 200 key fob. Press the "Lock" button on your key fob to lock your vehicle and reset the key fob.

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