How to plan a romantic anniversary evening at a hotel

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Anniversaries are a time to reminisce with your spouse and celebrate your union together. Even if your marriage is "young," original and romantic ideas that you take the time to plan can still be appreciated by your significant other. One of the best ways to shake things up for your anniversary is to plan an evening getaway at a hotel. Planning ahead in order to make your anniversary a special one with a one-night hotel stay will be well worth the effort.

Search early and often for the best prices and quality rooms. It is often said that the "early bird gets the worm," and this can also be figured into your search for the perfect hotel during your anniversary stay. Take time to comb through pricing at quality hotels before making your choice, unless your stay will be made at a sentimental favourite. Looking early and often means that you will come across a wider variety of options at a reduced price.

Ensure your spouse is free for the night before making reservations. Confirm that your spouse has the evening and morning after the stay available so that you will be able to enjoy your full stay with less pressure. If you plan on making your anniversary stay a surprise, then don't reveal why you want to know your spouse's schedule. In the case that you aren't able to make the reservations for the exact anniversary date but you want to keep it secret, making plans for the closest weekend, ahead or after the date, will serve the same purpose.

Reserve the room as soon as possible. Once you have settled on a choice hotel, reserve the room. If you are keeping the getaway a secret, use a credit card your spouse will not check or consider a prepaid credit card to make the reservation. This will also lock your price in and give you peace of mind that it will not change.

Attend to details. To make your anniversary extra special, you should incorporate extras into the hotel stay. Ask if the staff can prepare your room with a bottle of wine, a card, roses or other ideas you may have for your anniversary night. You can also provide the gifts or materials to the hotel staff so they can put it in place for you in case they don't have it on hand. This will serve to kick the evening up a notch once your spouse finds out the special thought and considerations you have put into the experience.

Surprise your spouse with the hotel stay. It is true that if your spouse isn't absent-minded they will already be aware of an approaching anniversary date and have expectations. Keeping a hotel stay a surprise will definitely add to the experience. Conceal your intentions by having a "smoke-screen" gift or dinner planned ahead of time. Taking your spouse to dinner or giving a gift will often serve to sweeten the deal once they realise you have more in store.

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