How to Make a Pulley for a School Project

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A pulley is an example of a simple machine used to help make life easier. Pulleys allow people to move objects with less effort. Pulleys, which work by rotating a wheel and lifting the load, can be found in everyday items such as flagpoles and mini-blind cords.

Teach students about how pulleys work by making a simple project from common household items.

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Cut the centre of the bottom portion of the wire hanger.

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Slide the wooden spool into the bottom of the coat hanger, and slip it to the side. Tape the coat hanger back together. Set the hanger on secure wall hook or coat hook.

Tie a string around a heavy object, such as a mini-cooler handle, and set the object on the ground below the hook. Loop the string around the spool and allow it to dangle.

Grasp the other end of the string and pull; you should notice the heavy object being lifted up.