How to Make Stepping Stones With Children's Handprints

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One way to preserve your precious child's handprints is by making stepping stones to place in the garden or along a walkway. Handprints can be adorned with glittering stones, broken pieces of a plate that broke, or seashells from your last trip to the beach.

With some cheap basic materials, stepping stones are an art project that the whole family can enjoy.

Purchase a small bag of concrete at your local hardware store. One small bag of concrete costs under £3.20 and will provide enough concrete mix for several stepping stones.

Find or purchase moulds for the stepping stones. Depending on the shape you desire, moulds can be old pizza boxes with the tops cut off, plastic trays for placing underneath potted plants, or foil pie tins.

Place the mould on a flat work surface. If planning on creating more than one stepping stone at one time, place them next to each other so pouring the mixed concrete will be easier. Spray the inside of moulds with cooking spray.

Mix concrete with water in a large container, such as an old storage container, according to concrete mix instructions. The entire bag of concrete is not needed to make one stepping stone. Concrete is easy to mix, so add additional water or mix as needed until the correct amount and consistency are obtained. When concrete is ready to place into the moulds, its texture will be similar to cookie dough.

Pour the concrete into the stepping stone mould. Tap the sides of the mould to help release any air bubbles within the concrete. This will create a strong and solid stepping stone. Smooth the top of the concrete with a flat object such as a spatula or small plastic shovel.

Let concrete rest for 5-10 minutes or until when a thumb is pressed into the concrete, the imprint doesn't disappear.

Spray your child's hands with cooking spray. Press his or her hand into the mould. Wash off the child's hand.

Press embellishments around the mould, if desired, creating a finished and colourful effect.

Let the concrete set 3 to 4 days and then gently turn the stepping stone over to remove it from the mould. Allow the stepping stone to dry for an additional week before setting it outside to enjoy.