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How to Use a TI-89 for Converting to Scientific Notation

Updated February 21, 2017

A TI-89 graphing calculator is a hand-held calculator commonly used in high school Advanced Placement courses and college mathematics classes. The calculator has a display screen and a series of menus that can perform complex calculations and display the results visually. The TI-89 graphing calculator, made by Texas Instruments, can handle a variety of inputs, including converting scientific notation.

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Scientific notation uses base powers of 10 instead of regular numbers. For example, 530 is written in scientific notation as 5.3 x 10^2.

  1. Press the "Mode" button.

  2. Arrow down to the "Exponential Format" label.

  3. Press "2" to select "Scientific."

  4. Press "Enter" to exit the Mode screen.

  5. Enter the large number you want to convert to scientific notation, then press "Enter." For example, if you type "50,000,000" and press "Enter," the calculator will show "5E^7" which is the same as "5x10^7."

  6. Tip

    To enter a number that is already in scientific notation, simply key in "Nx10^N." For example, if you want to work with the number 5x10^6, type "5x10^6" into your calculator.

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