How to refinish chrome bathroom fixtures

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Applying a finish to raw, unpainted, chrome bathroom plumbing and lighting fixtures can be a difficult process for the typical do-it-yourselfer. Because chrome is hard and nonporous, an etching primer must be applied to abrade the surface before any paint will stick.

Fortunately, if you need to refinish chrome bathroom fixtures, it means that an old coat of paint has already been applied at some point. This makes the process much easier because the old coat acts as a great bonding agent for the fresh coat of paint.

Prevent paint-over spray from affecting the countertops and sink reservoir by covering them with masking paper. Cover the mirror behind the faucets with masking paper as well. Seal the edges of the paper with painter's tape.

Scrape away corrosion from the faucets, using a wire brush. Skip this step if the faucets are in good condition.

Smooth any chipping paint, using sandpaper.

Dampen a rag with white spirit and wipe the surface of the faucets. Allow a few minutes for the spirits to evaporate.

Spray a coat of oil-based spray paint onto the faucets. Do not apply in a steady stream. Apply in intermittent, brief bursts to prevent runs. Do not try to cover the faucets in one coat. Apply only a light coat.

Allow the faucets to dry for two hours. Turn the handles every 30 minutes during the drying process. Apply additional coats to the faucets as necessary.