How to Change a Fuel Filter on a Ford Focus

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The fuel filter replacement process is the same for all Ford Focus models. The fuel filter removes the sediments from the gas before the gas makes it to the engine. Once that the gas leaves the gas tank, it goes into the fuel filter. The fuel filter then traps the sediments inside of the filter. From the fuel filter, the gas goes back into the fuel line and then into the engine.

Park the Focus on an even surface and turn the engine off. Unscrew the gas cap from the gas tank on the passenger's side to relieve the pressure from the fuel filter.

Jack the rear of the car up and put the jack stands under the frame rail under the car in front of both rear tires. Lower the car onto the jack stands. Make sure that the car is sitting securely and evenly.

Crawl under the rear of the car and locate the fuel filter. The fuel filter on the Ford Focus is located in the frame rail on the rear of the vehicle directly behind the gas tank. This fuel filter will require a fuel line quick disconnect tool that can be bought at most any auto parts stores.

Slide the fluid catch pan under the fuel filter. Then slide the end of the quick disconnect tool inside of the fuel line opening. Press the tool inward and gently pull back on the fuel line at the same time. The quick disconnect tool unlocks the fuel line from the fuel filter so you can pull it off. Do this to both fuel lines on both sides of the fuel filter.

Slide the old fuel filter out of the round bracket. Then slide the new fuel filter inside of the bracket with the flow arrow on he new filter pointing away from the gas tank. The flow arrow on the new fuel filter represents the flow of the fuel through the fuel filter.

Slide the fuel lines on until they lock in place. Then gently pull back on the fuel lines to ensure that they are locked onto the fuel filter. Pull the catch pan out from under the Ford Focus.

Screw the gas cap back on the gas tank. Then turn the ignition on and off three different times to prime the fuel filter full of fuel. Crank the engine.

Inspect the fuel filter and fuel lines while the engine is running. Then turn the engine off.

Jack the car up and remove the jack stands. Lower the car to he ground.

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