How to Watch a Wireless PC on a TV

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Instead of being confined to your computer's monitor--which is probably a lot smaller than your main television set--you can use your TV set to watch your computer-based movies, TV series and viral videos. And when you get ready to connect your wireless-enabled desktop PC or laptop to your television, don't cripple your set-up with cables. With the help of some audio/video networking equipment--some of which you may already have--you can watch PC media on your TV without the limitation of cables.

Connect your media centre PC--or a gaming console equipped with a media centre--to your television, and then sync up your wireless computer to the media centre via Wi-Fi. Popular media centres--such as Windows Media Center, Xbox Media Center and the PlayStation Media Sever--include networking capabilities. And the networking capabilities allow you to play files from your laptop on your television, over your wireless network.

Use a Wi-Fi based audio/video streaming device--such as Hauppage's Wireless MediaMVP or Netgear's Digital Entertainer Live--play audio and video content from your computer, on your television. A Wi-Fi streaming device acts as the go between for your wireless PC and television. Media is steamed from your PC to the device via Wi-Fi . And the Audio/video ports on the streaming device, facilitates the connection to your TV.

Use a USB-to-TV wireless transmitter/receiver set to stream media from your computer to your television. USB to TV transmitter/receiver sets, like Warpia's Wireless USB PC to TV Audio/Video Display Adapter Set, are great for computer that don't include a viable wireless option for streaming audio and video. The USB transmitter streams media through your computer's USB ports and the receiver unit connects to the ports on your TV set to relay the media signal.

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