How to knit leg warmers with circular needles

yarn image by Liz Van Steenburgh from

Leg warmers keep your legs toasty warm and are fashionable as well. You can see them on the legs of dancers, yogis and fashionistas. If you know a bit about knitting, you should be able to knit your own leg warmers. Choose a wool in a texture and colour that appeals to you, or make two mismatched leg warmers.

Cast on 42 stitches using the circular knitting needles.

Knit in ribbing stitch (knit one and then purl one) for 6.2 cm (2 1/2 inches).

Knit in stockinet stitch for 47.5 cm (19 inches). Use a tape measure to ensure that you have reached the desired length.

Repeat step number 2, knitting in ribbing stitch again for 6.2 cm (2 1/2 inches).

Bind off the project.

Weave the ends of the wool into the project using the knitting sewing needle.

Repeat all above steps to make the second leg warmer.