How to Flirt in a Dance Club

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Dance clubs are a great place to have fun and meet new people while putting your flirting skills on display. Unlike most bars, dance clubs centre around music and are typically packed with others who are looking to dance, have fun, or even find a date.

Since the dance club environment is slightly different than the often quieter bar scene, flirting in these places must be approached from a varied standpoint. Finding your niche when it comes to flirting in dance clubs will allow you to hit your stride on a social plane as well as the dance floor.

Find a quiet spot to talk. Hanging out in a designated smoker spot or other places away from the dance floor will yield you some one-on-one time to converse and interact with others. Since the dance club itself can become too loud to hear or talk to someone, it is best to refrain from vocal flirting when inside. You will also avoid the embarrassment and mood-killing vibe that repeating yourself to the point of yelling will bring.

Shoot someone "the look." Using the fact that you are in a dance club to your advantage is critical. Moving to the beat in a semi-suggestive manner while giving the person you intend to flirt with an intense stare can do the trick. Avoid staring too long, as this can be disrespectful or confusing to others. Try to simply make intentional eye contact and then move toward the person.

Talk about her moves. One of the best ways to flirt in a dance club is to talk about how well you think the person dances. You can also suggest that you want to have a dance with her before the night ends. Once you get the opportunity to dance with the person, get as close as she will let you while dancing without offending her. This will send a strong signal of attraction without overdoing it. Flattery is always a great way to flirt with someone and get your foot in the door.

Buy the target a drink. If you happen to notice someone you want to flirt with drinking something specific, buy him a drink of the same type. You can even mosey over to her and ask what she would like. Remember, however, that there is a fine line between buying someone else’s drink and paying someone else’s tab. Avoid getting sucked into buying drinks for anyone all night long for the sake of a flirt.

Use other acceptable body language. Crossing the line when flirting in a dance club really depends on the atmosphere and situation you are in. Utilise your body language without being lewd to get your point across in situations when it may be too loud to talk. Flirting using body language can be achieved through blowing a kiss, winking, fixing your hair, motioning someone toward you, dancing, and others ways that may seem appropriate.