How to remove rust from a shower head

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Shower heads are a part of most people’s bathroom. But with the water and humidity, it is possible for the shower head to rust. While the heads are coated with a substance to prevent rust, in time the coating may wear off, leaving the metal underneath to become susceptible to rust. There are several ways to treat rust. The best thing to do is to get rid of the rust when it first appears. Left untreated, the rust stains will only increase.

Scrub off the rust. Use a scrubbing pad or steel wool pad to scrape off the rust. Wipe clean. This is usually enough to remove surface rust or small rust areas.

Apply a lubricant. Apply mineral oil or other lubricant to the rust stains on the shower head. Wait several minutes so the lubricant can soak in. Then use a steel wool pad or scrubbing pad to remove the rust. This is effective for stubborn rust stains.

Use white vinegar. Apply a large amount of white vinegar to the rust stains using a paper towel. Let the ascetic acid of the vinegar seep into the rust. Wait 10 to 15 minutes. Then scrub at the rust stains with a scrubbing pad or steel wool. Wipe clean.

Make a mixture of lime juice and salt. Pour a little table salt on the rust stains on the shower head, suggests the article "Non Toxic Home Cleaning" on the Earth Easy website. Then slice a lime and squeeze the juice onto the salted areas on the shower head to make a paste. Leave the mixture on the shower head for two to three hours. Then scrub the shower head. Wipe clean. Lime has citric acid which helps to remove rust.

Prevent future rust by spraying the shower head with a zinc-based galvanising primer. Let dry completely before using the shower again.

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