How to Design a Superhero Logo

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Every superhero needs a logo. Whether you're dressing up as one of the tried and true traditionals, like Batman or Black Canary, or creating your very own superhero, you need an unmistakable symbol. It must be bold, recognisable at a glance and define what your superhero is all about. Creating the perfect logo may take some time, but the process stimulates the imagination and encourages creativity. Those with artistic inclinations will especially enjoy creating their own superhero logo.

Brainstorm about your superhero and what defines him. Write down your superhero's name in a notebook along with animals, colours, weapons and personality traits associated with him.

Sketch an outer shape for your logo. It can be as simple as a circle, or it may be another geometric shape. Experiment with thin, horizontal ellipses and symmetrical hexagons with alternating long and short sides.

Draw an identifying symbol inside your initial shape. The symbol should be a very simple outline of a defining weapon, animal or characteristic. For instance, if your superhero can manipulate time, draw an hourglass. Super-smart heroes could be represented with a brain or clever mathematical equation, and the animal possibilities are endless.

Colour in your design. Experiment with different colour combinations and shades of colour. If you want your hero to wear red but they need to be stealthy, consider a deep lava-like burgundy rather than fire engine red. Try combining neutrals with a single bright colour for best results.

Finalise your logo by drawing the finished version on a clean sheet in your sketch pad. Make sure your lines are clean and solid, and colour the logo in as darkly as you can.

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