How to Cap Off an Electrical Wire

Connecting wires with a wire nut protects you as well as the wires. The caps prevent shock from wires and reduce the risk of fire. Capping your wires is a simple process but it still requires caution. Anytime you handle electrical wires, you should always work with the utmost care to prevent injuries to yourself and your property. Completing the task is so simple and with the correct tools, it should take about five minutes to finish.

Disable the circuit breaker. This deadens the wire so there is no electricity running through it. Avoid working with a charged wire (also known as a "hot wire") when possible.

Trim the loose conductors of the two wires back to the insulation. Strip an inch of insulation from the wires. This leaves you with exposed conductors of even length on both wires you will connect and cap.

Place the two wires side by side with the conductors facing the same direction. Place a wire cap over the conductors and screw it down on the wires.

Wrap electrical tape around the end of the wire cap. This adds a secure hold to the cap so it will not slip off the wires.

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