How to Make Antler Whistles

A deer can provide food for a table or decoration for the lodge or game room wall. Even if you're not going to mount that animal's head on the wall, you can still make use of some of the antler by creating a novelty antler whistle.

All it takes is a two-inch-long piece of prong from the end of the antler and a modicum of know-how.

Lock the antler prong in the vice, with the fat end facing out.

Drill a hole in the centre of the antler to a depth between an inch to an inch and a half.

Leave the antler in the vice and make a vertical cut down through the antler at the end of the hole with the hacksaw. Make a second vertical cut so that you have a notch hole on the top of the antler.

Make a mouth reed with a piece of stick and a pocket knife. The reed should be round on both ends, tapering in the middle so that the end that goes in the antler hole is thicker than what is sticking out, and slightly flat on top. The reed should go in the hole but not entirely block it up.

Check the whistle by putting your mouth over the drilled end and blowing into the hole.

Pull out your reed and glue the bottom with some wood glue and reinsert the reed.

Cut off any stick end that's coming out of the hole with either your pocket knife or the hacksaw.