How to find a wallpaper pattern over 7 years old

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There's something about vintage decorations in your home that give it that extra bit of suave and charm. Whether you want to find something slightly retro or are in the market for wallpaper that's truly vintage, the key is to look in the right places. Although finding that wallpaper pattern that speaks best to you and complements your home can be tedious, it's definitely worth the effort.

Browse your local antique shops or flea market. Many of these shops provide a plethora of home goods to choose from, including wallpaper. To reduce the time spent searching, ask the shop or booth owner if they have any wallpaper.

Visit eBay or another online auction website. These types of sites allow for easy browsing, so if you're looking for a specific wallpaper brand or style, this is an excellent option.

Try a website specialising in discontinued wallpaper patterns (see Resources). These sites provide a large variety of older wallpapers at discount prices and are often a good source to go to if you need to cover a large wall space.

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