How to repair or patch glass

Felipe Dupouy/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Whether it's from a stone chip or damage from the pellet from a BB gun, a small hole in a glass window pane can let in water and cold air and also ruin the look of the window. Always replace glass panes with large cracks or jagged openings, but you can try patching small holes yourself. The process for patching and repairing window panes or any glass surface is straightforward and can save money on expensive repairs.

Dab a tiny drop of clear nail polish into the hole or scratch with the supplied polish brush. Use the brush to push the polish into the hole or scratch as deeply as possible. Wait for the nail polish to dry. This usually takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes, but check the instructions on the nail polish.

Wipe off any excess polish around the hole with a clean, dry cloth before the polish hardens.

Place another tiny drop of clear nail polish into the hole to cover the first drop and wait for this to dry. Continue this process until the polish "filler" is flush with the glass surface.

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