How to Become a 3M Certified Vinyl Installer

Vinyl wraps and spot graphics add custom flair to vehicles, windows, floors, signs and buildings. Certification in vinyl graphic installation has benefits. For example, 3M will provide you with an I.D. card, exposure on the site, uniform shirts and the exclusive “3M Preferred Graphics Installer” title. Certification is a sign of your reliability and skill level. It can increase your confidence while adding value to your services.

Prepare for the test. 3M certification testing takes two days. To pass you must have knowledge in installing vehicle and boat vinyl wraps. During the test you will demonstrate the ability to install vinyl on “trailers with rivets and corrugations” as well as “smooth walls” and “textured surfaces.” Skill in installing “floor graphics” is also required. 3M reserves the right to add material to the test at discretion.

Complete the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Test. Successful completion of the test is a requirement for submitting your certification application to 3M. Individuals take the same test as companies. Those who have already passed the 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company Test do not need a second exam.

Prepare to submit the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Application. To apply for certification, you must already hold a £0.6 million liability insurance policy.

Make sure you can meet 3M’s agreement terms. Study their Identity Standards, Guidelines and conduct policies before submitting your application.

Complete the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Application online (See Resources).

Review the completed application. Be sure all of your contact information is current and that the reported testing information is accurate.

Read the agreement beneath the application. When you submit the form to 3M, you are promising to abide by 3M’s terms. If in doubt, secure qualified council.

Submit the application and agreement to 3M online by checking the “I agree” box at the bottom of the online application.

Fax proof of liability insurance to 3M. Directions on who and where to fax it to are provided in the online application.

Wait for approval. You will receive a credential when your application to become a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer is approved.

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