How to Authenticate Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

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Jewellery from Tiffany & Co. is world-renowned for its craftsmanship, design and the high-quality materials used in its creation. Because of this, Tiffany jewellery can be expensive, and those looking to purchase cheaper, used pieces will need to make sure they're not purchasing clever fakes. Today, jewellery collections from Tiffany's--particularly the toggle bracelet and necklace--are some of the most faked pieces in circulation. The sophisticated techniques involved in manufacturing the different styles of Tiffany jewellery help make the difference between real and fake pieces evident. You just need to know what to look for.

Sterling silver Tiffany jewellery is made with the highest grade of jewellery sterling silver: 0.925, or 92.5 per cent, with the remaining 7.5 per cent being copper or other metals, as 99.9 per cent sterling silver is too soft for jewellery use. Check that there is a stamp of ".925" somewhere on the piece if it is silver and, if it is gold, that it is marked with the appropriate carat weight, such as "18K" or "24K."

This level of sterling silver feels heavy in the hand; even the small links on a toggle bracelet or necklace should feel weighty for their size. The same is true for gold jewellery.

Check that any links within the jewellery are welded, not pressed, as all links on true Tiffany jewellery will be delicately soldered together.

Most Tiffany jewellery will have a lobster clasp, and ".925" will be stamped on the top of the linkage of a sterling silver clasp.

Check that the "Tiffany & Co." stamp appears on the medallions of gold or sterling silver necklaces and bracelets, toggle or otherwise, and on the small tags between links near the clasp. If there are no medallions, this stamp will appear somewhere on the piece.

Make sure that the typeface used in the stamps has serifs.

Tiffany jewellery will never come wrapped in plastic; authentic pieces will come in a drawstring or button-clasp pouch made of a soft, suedelike material that can be used as a polishing cloth.

Ensure that the pouch is not made of a shiny material and that all packaging, including pouches, are the signature Tiffany's colour of robin's egg blue.

Any website other than claiming to sell Tiffany jewellery is probably lying: There are no licensed wholesalers or outlets for Tiffany jewellery.

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