How to Make a Homemade Candy Dispenser

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Having a sweet tooth can be a pain when there is no candy available. Making your own candy dispenser is easy and fast to accomplish. These candy dispensers are a creative way to involve your children in making personalised crafts for their friends' birthday parties or other gift giving occasions.

Paint the pot, the round ball and both the saucers by using a paintbrush and acrylic paint. Let the paint thoroughly dry.

Turn the pot upside down and glue a saucer to it, with the bowl of the saucer facing up.

Turn the other saucer face down onto a table or countertop and glue the wooden ball into the middle of the saucer. Allow it time to dry before continuing the project. The ball will make it easy to lift the lid off your candy dispenser.

Spray a light coat of clear sealer to the painted pot and saucers. It is better to spray two light coats than one heavy coat. Allow it to dry thoroughly between coats. This will give it a shiny appearance.

Glue the bubble bowl to the open bowl of the saucer that is attached to the pot. Make sure the opening is facing up. This is where you will store your candy and other goodies. Let the glue dry completely.

Add the candy to your bubble or fishbowl and place the top on it to ensure the freshness of the candy.

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