How to Seal Osb Cut Ends

OSB (oriented strand board) is a manufactured wood product that contains striated fibres of wood, held together using a strong resin glue. The edges that are cut during the milling process are coated with a waterproof paint to seal them from moisture. When working with OSB to build a sub-roof, subfloor or side wall, any new edges created by cutting should ideally be sealed using the same, or similar process. Taking a little extra time to protect the integrity of the wood makes it a project that will last for years.

Use a measuring tape to mark off the needed length and width of OSB. Cut the wood using a circular saw. Setting the large sheets of OSB on sawhorses will make the job of cutting them easier.

Mix a can of exterior waterproof paint using a stir stick. Use a small paintbrush to coat all newly cut edges.

Allow the paint two hours to dry. Add a second coat to any areas that are missed, or appear thin.

Give the wood an additional two hours of drying time. Install the OSB as normal.

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