How to Install a Pre-assembled Fence Panel on a Slope

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Pre-assembled fence panels can be installed on a slope, but it generally requires some adjustments. Fence panels come pre-assembled at many home improvement stores in a variety of types, styles and materials. The pre-assembled panels make the task of putting up a fence significantly easier and less time consuming. One major problem however, is that these fence panels are built for even yards.

Choose an installation method. There are two main methods to putting fencing on a hill. The first method is called stepping, which leaves a triangle shaped gap under each panel. The second method is called the racking method, and it puts the fence panels on a consistent down angle.

Dig and set the posts according to the height needed for the slope. At least a third of the post should be in the ground. You can use a shovel or post hole digger for this. After putting the post in the hole, fill with concrete according to the directions on the concrete bag. The posts will need to be set in between each fence panel. You may have to cut the posts with a saw if they are too tall for your fence. Every time you move down the slope you will need the next post to be a bit longer. The post should be at the same height on top but will need to extend to reach the same distance in the ground. You may need to cut your posts accordingly.

Connect the posts to the panels by screwing or nailing them in place. For the stepping method they should connect perfectly, except you will match the top of the fence so that it is straight. On the next post you will start on the ground but keep it straight; the end of the panel will be several inches or more off the ground when connected to the next post. The space underneath the fence panels will start off very small and get larger at the end creating a triangle shaped gap between the bottom of the panel and the ground. For the racking method, up to a 10 degree slope will be fine, but more than that will require you to enlarge the connections holes on the rails and the posts and require cutting and mitring of the fence posts and pickets. For a slope greater than 10 degrees a pre-assembled fence panel will not likely work. On the sloping method you will connect your panels at a slant so that the panels all line up and there is no gap at the bottom.

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