How to Remove Strip Lighting

Florescent strip lights usually have one or two florescent bulbs that range from 4-foot long to 12-foot long depending on the needs of the room. The light bulbs fix to a metal light fixture. There is a light ballast inside the metal fixture that wires to your home's wiring circuit. Removal of a broken light fixture is straightforward and requires basic tools for removal.

Turn off the power to the room by turning off the breaker inside the breaker box for that room. If you have inadequate light with the power turned off, illuminate the strip light with a flashlight throughout the process.

Remove the plastic cover from the light fixture. Usually you can press in on one side of the plastic cover and pull the cover free from the fixture but more expensive strip lights could have a different process for removing the cover. If this is the case, refer to the manual for the light.

Grab the middle of a florescent light bulb and turn it a quarter turn counterclockwise. This will disengage the light from the sockets holding it on both ends. Pull the light bulb out of the socket and place it off to the side. Repeat the process for any other light bulbs connected to the fixture.

Remove the screws that hold the reflector onto the light fixture. In some cases, you will not have screws you will have metal tabs. If this is the case, use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull up the tabs and remove the reflector. As you lower the reflector, the sockets for the lights may stay connected to the reflector. Pull the sockets off the reflector and allow them to hang. If the sockets remain on the base of the light, so not do anything with them at this time.

Locate the wiring harness under the light. The wires connect together with wire nuts. If the nuts are covered with electrical tap, unravel the tape and then remove the wire nuts from the wires.

Separate the wires from each other and locate the wire coming out of the ceiling. Cut the exposed metal lead on the wire off with wire cutters. Thread the wire nut onto the wire and then tape the nut on with electrical tape. This prevents the wire from sorting if you turn the electricity on with the light removed.

Remove the screws that holds the ground wire to the light fixture. Wrap the ground wire so it rests above the wire nut on the wire you worked with earlier. This will prevent the ground wire from touching the live wire.

Remove the screws that secure the light fixture to the ceiling and lower the fixture to the floor.

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