How to Use a Needle Threader

Needle threaders are very inexpensive. Use this tool to save time and eliminate the frustration that sometimes occurs when trying to thread a needle. Some models contain a small magnifier glass with the needle threader stored inside its handle. Others have cutters and are good for seed beading tasks. Use a model with the threader attached to the end of a penlight to help guide the process.

Use the right size needle with a large enough eye for your thread or yarn. For yarn buy a threader designed to allow the thicker material. Compare the different types and prices at NexTag's website.

Take the needle threader and push the wire loop through the needle's eye. The wires squeeze together while going through the slit. The device threads a variety of different eye sizes.

Grab the end of your sewing thread and slide about 4 inches into the opened loop of the threader. Instead of threading the needle you thread the loop eye.

Hold the thread with one hand and with the other gently slip the threader back out from the needle's eye. The needle threader is delicate so watch for any resistance. Pulling too hard might break the wire.

Change your needle to one with a larger eye if the threader doesn't easily come through the needle.

Remove your thread from the threader's wire loop once it is out of the eye. You are ready to sew.

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