How to Grow Thistle From Seed

Thistles tolerate droughts well and do not mind poor soil, so they can grow almost anywhere. Deer do not like thistles and planting them around your garden can keep them away from your tomatoes. Alternately, rabbits love thistles and having a fresh supply will keep the members of your hutch very happy. Traditionally, the milk from the stalk helps with ailments, they produce lovely flowers and many butterfly larvae love them.

Choose a time of year when daily temperatures are between 11.1 and 15 degrees Celsius and the last frost of spring has passed.

Sow the thistle seeds at a depth of three millimetres in the soil in the cleared space.

Water the seeds to help them germinate initially. They grow well in both wet and dry soils. Thistles sprout in about three weeks.

Leave the thistles alone. They do well without much interference from gardeners.

Remove the heads of the flowers after they bloom, but before they go to seed to help control the thistles in your yard.

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