How to Replace a Microwave Fuse

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A microwave oven may stop working for many reasons, such as when an electrical component goes bad or a fuse blows. Instead of taking you microwave in for service or calling a repair man, replace a blown fuse yourself. First, determine what type of fuse you will need to replace in your microwave.

Unplug the power cord for the microwave from the electrical socket and pull it away from the wall.

Turn the microwave around and find the screws that are used to secure the outer cover or shell to the unit. Remove the screws with a screwdriver.

Pull the cover or shell of the microwave off and find where the power cord enters the inside of the unit. Observe where the power cord goes inside the microwave. Where the cord stops is where the fuse holder will be located.

Take the fuse out of the fuse holder and see if it has blown or has gone bad. If a fuse has blown, it will have flash burn marks or be black on the inside.

Insert a new fuse into the fuse holder and then press the fuse clips together. This will help to keep the fuse secure in the fuse holder.

Place the cover or shell back on the microwave and secure the screws with a screwdriver.

Plug the power cord back in and then test the microwave to see if the repair worked.

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