How to Track GPS on Virgin Mobile

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Perhaps you purchased a Virgin Mobile phone for your parent, spouse or child and you also want a GPS for emergencies, but don't want them to have to carry around another gadget. Well there's a simple solution. With a free or low-cost software application and a computer with Internet access you can easily turn your Virgin Mobile into a GPS tracking device.

Choose a GPS software application. Several are available, some free and some as low as £6.40 a month as of 2010. Some of these programs include Mologogo, Accutracking and Buddyway (see "Resources" section below).

Sign-up for the service that you've chosen. You will need to register your phone by providing a user name, your personal details, a password, phone number and the name of your cell phone carrier. Also depending on the service that you chose you may need to enter billing details.

Open up the text message or e-mail on your cell phone and go to the download link that you are sent. You will need to open up the mobile browser on your cell phone in order to do this. Install the software by following the instructions that you are provided with.

Go to the website that you are registered with and log in. You will see a map with a red dot and your user name next to it. This is your phone and as it moves you will be to track it on the map. In addition to location your service will provide you with the history of movement for the past 30 days, speed, altitude, longitude and latitude.

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