How to Cover Up a Printed Design on a Canvas

oil on canvas image by Peter Baxter from <a href=''></a>

If you have a canvas board or canvas tote with a printed design on it, you may want to cover over the print so that it can no longer be seen.

One way to accomplish this is to apply paint in layers that are thick enough for the print to no longer be seen, but thin enough so that you will not be able to tell that the canvas has been painted upon.

Place the canvas you are covering onto a flat surface.

Insert a piece of cardboard underneath the canvas. This will prevent any paint from leaking through the canvas and onto the table or counter top. If you are covering print on a canvas bag, the cardboard can be inserted in between the two sides of the canvas.

Pour acrylic paint and water into a bowl; one part water to three parts paint. Try to match the colour of the canvas you are going to be painting. Mix well.

Paint the diluted acrylic paint onto the canvas using long, horizontal strokes. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Apply two to three more layers of diluted paint onto the canvas. Allow the paint to dry completely before using the canvas.