How to Remove Kids' Face Paint

face painting model image by Scott Slattery from

Whether the occasion is a costume party or a birthday party, kids love face painting. After they tire of the designs on their faces and it is time to wash it off, consult the directions that accompany your face paints so you know the proper method for removing your face paints. Most face paints for kids will wash off with ordinary soap and water.

Saturate the washcloth with warm water. Place a small amount of hand soap onto the washcloth and squeeze the washcloth to make some bubbles.

Rub the soapy washcloth over the painted areas on the child's face. Rub gently to remove the paints, wiping the paint away with the washcloth. Use a clean area on the washcloth as you continue to remove the face paint from the child's face.

Rinse the washcloth under warm water to remove the soap and any paint residues from the fabric. Apply the wet washcloth to the child's face to rinse away the soap and any paint residue.

Dry the child's face with the hand towel and make sure you have washed away all traces of paint from the child's face.

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