How to clean motorcycle chrome pipe

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Keeping your motorcycle's chrome polished and shiny is key to making your motorcycle look its best. Because of its smooth, metallic surface, chrome is generally easy to clean. But chrome exhaust pipes can be an exception. The high heat can commonly turn the pipes shades of blue and gold, particularly where the pipes come out of the cylinder head. With a good polish/cleaner and some elbow grease, you can remove the discolouration.

Squirt five or six drops of dishwashing detergent into a bucket. Fill the bucket with a half-gallon of water. Swish the detergent around to make a sudsy solution.

Dip a soft cloth into the bucket, wring it out, and wash the chrome. This will remove loose dirt and grime than can scratch the metal when you polish it. Rinse the cloth as it becomes soiled.

Rinse the motorcycle chrome off with clean water. Dry it with another cloth.

Apply the cleaner/polish. Read and follow the manufacturer's directions on the product container. Basically, you'll dampen a buffing cloth with tap water and apply the cleaner/polish to the cloth. Then apply it to the motorcycle chrome using small circles. Cover the entire pipe with the cleaner/polish, then allow it to dry.

Wipe the cleaner/polish product off the chrome with a clean, soft cloth. If the metal isn't completely clean, reapply the cleaner/polish by following Step 3 again. Finally, buff the chrome pipe to a bright shine.

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