How to Get Rid of Dust Mites on Dogs With Black Tea

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Dust mites are everywhere in our environment, including in our carpets, in our furniture and even in our beds. While many people are not affected by the presence of these common pests, for others dust mites can trigger a serious allergic reaction. These allergies can exist in both people and pets, so if you have or your dog has such a sensitivity it is important to deal with the problem. Unfortunately, however, many commercial dust mite solutions contain chemicals that can be harmful to pets. A better solution is to brew up your own remedy using black tea. The tannins in black tea are great for keeping dust mites at bay.

Purchase a quality black tea. Teas with a rich, dark flavour will contain more tannic acid, the compound that makes black tea such a good dust mite eradicator.

Brew a cup of very strong black tea. It is important to make the tea as strong as you can, since this will concentrate the tannins and make the spray more effective.

Strain the tea as you normally would, then pour the tea into a spray bottle. Spray your dog's bedding thoroughly--this will help to eradicate any dust mites that are hiding out there. Controlling dust mites on the bedding should help control them on the dog.

Spray the carpets in rooms your dog frequents. If your dog is allowed on the furniture, those items should be sprayed as well.

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