How to Mix White Spirit Into Linseed Oil

White spirits is a solution that is often used as a substitute for traditional paint thinners. It is mixed into paints, as well as oils, to thin the solution and make it easier to spread. A mixture of white spirits and linseed oil is most often used as a professional strength cleaning product for wood and antique furniture. Proper mixing of the solution is critical so that it is strong enough to remove dirt and grime, but not so strong that it damages the varnish or wood.

Select a mixing container that will hold at least 1 to 2 cups of liquid, such as a clean paint can or jar. If the solution will not be stored after use, a plastic container or paint mixing cup can be used.

Pour 29.6ml of linseed oil into the container.

Add 113gr of white spirits into the container.

Mix the two substances thoroughly using an old spoon or paint stirrer. Mixing time will vary, but will take approximately 30 to 60 seconds.

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