How to Use RTV Gasket Sealant

When you need a versatile gasket sealant for automotive, marine or household applications, RTV sealant is among the most common product options on the market. It is important that you prep the surfaces and apply the sealant properly for the best results.

Buy RTV sealant from an auto parts or marine supply store and use it for all of your household projects.

Scrape any debris or gasket remnants from the mounting surfaces with a putty knife or similar tool. Wipe the surfaces with brake cleaner applied to a clean, dry cloth.

Apply a thin, continuous bead of RTV sealant to one mounting surface. Push the two mounting surfaces together before the sealant has a chance to set.

Let the sealant sit for 24 hours to cure. Keep even pressure on the mounting surfaces during this time to ensure an even seal.